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Embroidery on Banknotes , 2021

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We Are Worth It, 2021

     The work comprises banknotes from different countries. By using needle and thread, the sentence of “we are worth it” is repetitively sewn with imperfect stitches onto these objects in the languages representing the respective currencies. The assigned authority and value of these banknotes is undermined and they are withdrawn from circulation. These objects are transformed into a new form which does not serve any monetary purpose. 

     This work refers to Joseph Beuys’ notion of “healing” society and brings it to our attention with today’s context. How is “healing” ensured? How is healing process understood? Given that humans are conscious, how can this consciousness be turned into curative actions for the society?

These questions from Beuys become “re-questionable” under the conditions of current pandemic which affects the whole civilization. And today’s need for healing literally refers to a biological healing. How can this healing be ensured?

     The artist, with this work, underlines the economic and financial inequality which has become more visible during the pandemic. This work questions the elements of economic power, potency and authority by emphasizing the current pandemic and healing processes.

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