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Eldem Art Space - FIRIN

"A Home on Face; it examines real narratives, traditions, and personal historical anecdotes related to identity, family, migration, and the invisible labor of women. Serving as a carrier of culture, an identity scanner, and an oral history recorder, it undertakes the role of a bridge between cultures and societies, bringing together affiliations, lost relationships, and forgotten values."


Melike Bayik

Yüzünde Bir Ev

"Once upon a time, in those lands where our roots reached deep, the concept of family was one of the strongest bonds that could exist. This concept was proof for women of an invisible connection, pure rootedness, and that being the direct link to the home meant being a female figure rather than a masculine one. Over time, the migration waves that began for various reasons often kept family roots intact, but the transformation and change of cultural identities became inevitable.


Gözde Ju, in her works, makes hidden relationships visible by touching on the roots of bonds, identity, belonging, memory, gender, feminism, culture, and nostalgia. Fading family ties, cultural traditions on the verge of extinction due to the hegemonic destruction of cultures, and the delicate lacework that women once intricately crafted and sewed as dowries or objects to beautify their homes are transformed into the main elements of this exhibition. In her works, Ju often combines various disciplines such as sewing, embroidery, video, found objects, and photography to weave together hidden networks, oral history, or documentary-like approaches. The roots, family, migration, and the invisible labor of women are indicative of a lost history and a migration story in the exhibition, pointing to an eclectic and pluralistic society where new cultures are blended.


The space references the strong and supportive, binding role of women within families with real narratives, legends, and personal historical anecdotes. In a world where lace and sewing are often associated with masculine labor, Ju, as a culture carrier, identity seeker, and oral history recorder, interconnects her identities, lost relationships, and forgotten values loop by loop. She presents a layered encounter with a sensory, emotional, and retinal approach."

Melike Bayık 

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